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Name = Judy
Piercings = None. I don't do needles.
Tattoos = None. See above.
Height = 5 ft.
Shoe size = 5
Hair color = blonde
Length = Size 0
Siblings = Two older sisters


Movie you rented = The Nurse and Self-Medicated
Movie you bought = Ever After (for me) Madea Goes to Jail, Halloween, and The Good Son (technically for my sister, but we share them.)
Song you listened to = Notorious BIG's "Going Back to Cali" I think.
Song that was stuck in your head = Nothing at the moment.
CD you bought = Glee's Love Songs CD
CD you listened to = A mix CD I made.
Person you've called = Dad
Person that's called you = Sister
TV show you've watched = Good Luck Charlie
Person you were thinking of = Kelly Rutherford


You have a bf or gf = Nope
You have a crush on someone = Yes
You wish you could live somewhere else = Maybe NYC or Orlando, but I'm happy living where I am.
You think about suicide = Not seriously, but yes.
Others find you attractive = Sometimes.
You want more piercings = No
You drink = Non-alcoholic drinks. Mainly non-diet soda.
You do drugs = Only perscribed or over the counter
You smoke = No
You like cleaning = Sometimes.
You like roller coasters = As long as they don't have huge hills or go upside down. I just don't like being strapped down as far as the upside down goes. And my stomach and heart don't appreciate hills. ;)
You write in cursive or print = Cursive usually, but both. Just not very well. ;)
You carry a donor card = No.


Long distance relationships = I'd be willing.
Using someone = Only in an emergency.
Killing people = Like to but no.
Teenage smoking = No Smoking is stupid no matter what age.
Premarital sex = No way.
Driving drunk = No.
Gay/lesbian relationship = Not for me, but whatever floats your boat.
Soap operas = Days of Our Lives is my fav so yes. ;)


Food = pineapple and pepperoni pizza
Song = Currently Tao Cruz' "Dynomite"
Thing to do = Write
Thing to talk about = Matthew Settle and Kelly Rutherford's chemistry and adoration for each other.
Sports = Hate them, but ice skating... I do like that.
Drinks = Cherry Pepsi
Clothes = Hoodies, tops, and dresses are my favorite articles.
Movies = Misery, Mean Girls, Final Destination, the Freddy Kruger, Jason, and Chucky movies. Pretty much any horror movie. Oo, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid - both parts!
Band/singer = Backstreet Boys/Ke$ha

New nerdy saying = Zoo-Wee Mama!


Ever cried over a guy/girl = Oh yeah.
Ever lied to someone = Yes, but I try not to now.
Ever been in a fist fight = Nope!
Ever been arrested = No


Of times I have been in love? Eh. Who knows if it was love or infatuation?
Of times I have had my heart broken? Too many to count.
Of hearts I have broken? = Two
Of girls I have kissed? = 0 romantically. :P
Of boys I have kissed? = 1, but I was only 5 or so. :P
Of girls I've slept with? = 0 (not sexually anyway)
Of boys I've slept with? = 0
Of drugs taken illegally? = 0
Of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = A handful
Of people I consider my enemies? = A handful
Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = 4. Birth announcement (I'm guessing), when I graduated, an interview I gave about my mom afer she died, and a clip about why I thought Taylor Hicks should win American Idol.
Of scars on my body? = 3
Of things in my past that I regret? = 2 that I can think of. I'm sure more.


Disney movie = Anastasia and The Little Mermaid
Scent = Britney Spears Curious, Britney Spears In Control, Juicy Cotour Viva la Juicy, and Ralph Lauren's Ralph. Men: Nitro, and Eternity
Word = Bombastic
Nickname = Jude, Miss Piggy, Technically Judy is a nickname too.
Guy name = Darren Shawn
Girl name = Angelia Elizabeth
Eye color = Blue
Color = Purple
Flower = Lilacs
Piercing = Belly button, but I don't get piercings.
Actress = Kelly Rutherford, Gillian Zinser, Amanda Peete, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Queen LaTifa, and the late Brittany Murphy.
Actor: = Matthew Settle, Ashton Kutcher, Anthony Anderson, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Robert Englund


Pretty = A little
Funny = I can be
Hot = Sometimes
Friendly = If someone is nice to me
Amusing = Yes
Ugly = Sometimes
Lovable = I can be if I were given a chance
Pessimistic = Sometimes
Optimistic = Sometimes
Caring = Yes
Sweet = Sometimes
Dorky = Sure
Spell your first name backwards: htiduJ
The story behind your user name: It's my first and middle name followed by my birth year. ;)
Are you straight? Yes
Where do you live? Upstate Ny
4 words that sum you up: Worried, paranoid, shy, compassionate
Locals looking for you Go Here dld.bz/chwZP